Michael Beckwith

Their nephew, Michael Beckwith – Chairman of the Board Beckwith Golden Gate Funeral Home in Tallulah, La – A licensed funeral director in the State of Texas and Louisiana. A licensed Insurance and preneed agent for both states. He Holds an applied science degree.  A graduate of Dallas Institute of Funeral Services and McCall class of 1992. A member of national, state and local funeral directors association. An advocate supporter of Madison parish hospitals, schools and law enforcement. A volunteer speaker at local and national events. He has received numerous awards from many organizations for his support, time and donations to so many causes. He developed the Madison Parish appreciation day that draws over 500 people annually, with horseback riding instructions for the youth. A graduate of Dallas County Police Academy, He serves as a Texas peace officer, and Lieutenant deputy constable for Dallas County Pct #1. He holds a certificate of rank of black belt from USA-Korean association American Institute of Tae Kwon Do. He serves on the security ministry for St. John Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, TX.