Michael Ford

Their son, Michael Ford – Serves as manager for Golden Gate Funeral Homes – Michael ensures the personal customized service creed is exhibited in Dallas, Lancaster, and Tallulah, Louisiana. He also manages the quality limousine service provided for church pastors and their staff throughout the community. He helps to maintain the 30+ fleet of service vehicles used in providing service day-to-day operation. A family man himself: father of five and grandfather of five, families can rest assure that all their bereavement needs will continue with special care. Michael went home to glory on Nov. 22, 2011. His Memory lives on forever.  The Beckwith family placed a in loving memory billboard on two major freeways in Dallas, TX.  The church fans bared his name as a token of his faithful service to his family and his community, which sparked the first ever of its kind “The In Loving Memory” billboard and fans now bare the names of every family love one that Golden Gate Funeral Homes serves each year. His legacy lives on through his children, grandchildren and Golden Gate Funeral Home Family.